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A Game-Changing Partnership: InfuSystem and Ventis Pharma’s Revolutionary Pain Management Solution

In an era marked by the ongoing opioid epidemic, it is with great enthusiasm that we introduce a groundbreaking partnership that promises to revolutionize pain management in hospitals across the nation. InfuSystem Holdings, Inc. and Ventis Pharma have joined forces to bring you an innovative solution that puts patient well-being at the forefront of healthcare.

A New Dawn in Pain Management

InfuSystem, a leading national healthcare service provider, and Ventis Pharma, a global pioneer in surgical and chronic pain management, have inked a national sales and marketing agreement. This alliance is set to reshape the way we approach pain management, particularly in post-operative and chronic pain scenarios.

Endura-KT™: A Non-Opioid Alternative

At the heart of this collaboration lies Ventis Pharma’s patented Endura-KT™, a groundbreaking local anesthetic compound that is set to change the landscape of pain relief. Comprising three non-opioid drugs – tetracaine, lidocaine, and epinephrine – Endura-KT™ provides an effective alternative to traditional opioid-based painkillers. It aligns perfectly with the current healthcare trend of multimodal pain management, aiming to reduce or eliminate opioid usage by combining various non-narcotic medications and techniques.

A Safer and More Effective Approach

Ventis Pharma’s products are renowned for their innovative, long-acting, and low-toxicity design. They are meticulously crafted to minimize surgical pain and address chronic pain conditions with utmost safety and efficiency. What sets these products apart is their cost-effectiveness, making high-quality pain relief accessible to patients nationwide.

A Shared Commitment to Combatting the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is a grave healthcare crisis in North America, and both InfuSystem and Ventis Pharma are fully dedicated to playing their part in reducing the reliance on oral opioids. This partnership is not merely about business; it’s about reshaping the future of pain management for the better.

The Future of Healthcare

This collaboration not only expands InfuSystem’s offerings but also enhances the effectiveness of each sales call. It’s about providing healthcare professionals and patients with a safer, more patient-centric alternative to oral opioids, ultimately improving the quality of life for all.

Looking Ahead: A Shared Vision

Tim Patrick, CEO of Ventis Pharma, aptly points out that Endura-KT™ provides a superior option for anesthesiologists, surgeons, and CRNAs compared to existing non-opioid post-op local anesthetics. The focus is on delivering better medicine to more people while improving the patient’s healthcare experience.

About Ventis Pharma

Ventis Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and producing innovative pain management therapies, with a focus on post-operative surgical pain and chronic pain syndromes. Their products are safe, effective, and suitable for both adults and children, aligning perfectly with the mission to improve patient care.

About InfuSystem Holdings, Inc.

InfuSystem Holdings, Inc. is a leading national healthcare service provider, delivering outpatient care for durable medical equipment manufacturers and healthcare providers. Their two-platform model includes Integrated Therapy Services (ITS) and Durable Medical Equipment Services (DME Services), enabling them to provide a comprehensive and patient-centric solution.

A Shared Vision for a Pain-Free Future

In conclusion, the partnership between InfuSystem and Ventis Pharma is a testament to a shared vision: a future where patients can manage pain safely and effectively without the risks associated with opioids. Together, we’re leading the charge toward a brighter, pain-free tomorrow.

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