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Improving pain relief for every patient :

At Ventis Pharma, we provide physicians and surgeons with better pain relief solutions for their patients. We aim to improve post-operative care with safer, more effective, and more accessible pain management Formulations.

About Ventis Pharma :

Ventis Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company started by a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and a nurse anesthetist with a pharmacology background. Ventis Pharma aims to help physicians and surgeons manage post-operative care with improved pain relief solutions.

The company has achieved this by creating Enduracaine™ - a safe, low-toxicity local anesthetic Formulations that is long-lasting, affordable, and opioid-free.

Ventis Pharma’s innovative products focus on postoperative pain management, nerve blocks, compartment blocks, and wound infiltration applications for all types of surgical procedures.

Innovative New Products : EnduracaineTM

Ventis Pharma has invented a new, effective alternative to the current post-operative local anesthetic products that have failed to gain mass adoption due to their high toxicity, lack of effectiveness, and high price tag.

Ventis Pharma’s new Formulations is called Enduracaine™, and it is in the process of completing US FDA IND tests and studies. The product will then proceed to FDA clinical trials to further substantiate its safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. Because Enduracaine™ is made from a combination of currently approved USP products, its use before specific FDA approval of a new drug application is safe and acceptable.

In off-label trials, initial studies with over 2500 patients have illustrated significant reductions in postoperative pain for long periods, with a significantly decreased need for additional medications, including opioids. Patient and clinician acceptance has been excellent, with minimal adverse effects seen.

Enduracaine™ is an innovative solution for pain relief and is suitable for all types of surgical procedures.

Global Presence :

Ventis Pharma has received patents, and has patents pending, in more than 40 countries. With the help of Enduracaine™, we can provide superior analgesic solutions to patients undergoing more than 350 million surgeries a year.