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Our product line is led by our ultra-long acting, low-toxicity local anesthetic medication, Enduracaine™.

Enduracaine™ is a novel combination of three well-known, extremely safe and effective local anesthetics. The combination delivers advanced pain management performance, something that the much-hyped liposomal encapsulated bupivacaine never delivered.

Enduracaine™ produces an aqueous solution of 0.4% lidocaine with 0.2% tetracaine and 4mcg per milliliter of epinephrine.

Ventis Pharma is in the FDA fast-track approval process for this product. We plan to introduce an intermediate, off-label kit version of the drug compound as we await approval for the ultimate, extremely user-friendly version of Enduracaine™. We also plan to introduce a low-dose oral analgesic formulation as part of our work in developing pain management solutions.

Ventis Pharma is conducting ongoing research into user-friendly, moderate-cost adjuvants to enhance other local anesthetic applications. Given recent consensus statements from the American Society of Anesthesiologists in their publication “Anesthesiology” regarding the lack of efficacy of the liposomal encapsulated bupivacaine products, we believe there is a growing need for safe and effective local anesthetic products and adjuvants.

While there are other drugs in the FDA approval process that claim to provide an extended local anesthetic effect, they all utilize some formulation of the local anesthetic bupivacaine, which has a long history of significant cardiovascular risks. Worryingly, there are also formulations in the approval process which combine this toxic drug with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that was removed from the market due to adverse drug reaction concerns.

Enduracaine™ eliminates these risks with a safer, more effective formula.

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Ventis Pharma’s Product Pipeline

Ventis Pharma is working diligently to develop additional medications that will increase the pain management options for physicians and surgeons. These products will improve patient outcomes and provide physicians with practical, efficient medications that effectively mitigate the need for opioid prescriptions.